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Minecraft 1.8 Update

Soledge a posted Sep 3, 14

MooCraft has updated 

1.8 clients can connect!

With the community support, and a lot of work on my part, we managed to keep everything going again! 
We don't need to worry quite as much as before, but we still need sizable donations in order to continue in an upward trajectory.

Soon, there will be more information about each rank at the time of its purchase. Our ranks span across all of the servers we have, giving particular abilities to the player which vary server - to- server.

This variability is caused by the fact that different game modes (SMP, Factions, Creative, Prison) all have different restrictions on the vanilla game which make them unique. I'm trying to find a better way to display benefits aside from a lump of text.

We need Donations

Soledge a posted Aug 16, 14

Hello MooCraft. 


tl;dr :  I regret to inform you that if we do  not raise at least $150 dollars by august 20th (4 days)

MooCraft will go down due to insufficient funds. 


If this does occur, MooCraft may very well not return from it.


In order to facilitate the hopes of keeping moocraft alive, the sale which drastically reduced revenue was ended prematurely.


I have plans to make the server better in more ways. Mature game types with dedicated staff, awesome benefits for our donors which spans the servers and allow you to enjoy the best of what out there for Minecraft.


For those of you who have stuck around and watched it grow, it really has become something remarkable. I want that trend to continue, but i cannot do that without the community behind me.


Moocraft Summer Sale!

Soledge a posted Jul 13, 14

Super Sale

All Ranks are 50% OFF

Choose your rank and get great discounts!

Shop Today!

Moocraft 1.7.8-1.7.9 Update

Soledge a posted Apr 30, 14
Hello! its been quite some time since i updated the main site in regards to whats been going on serverside.
I've finally completed most of the legwork necessary to prepare moocraft for its next step in development.

A few new things to look forward to:
  • Donation ranks, Cross-server
  • Fully updated and developed servers
  • Real Time-Development
  • small logistical improvements
  • some text changes
  • Much more!
Our Council has more access to help keep our servers updated and fix problems more quickly as they arise. Unfortunately, Minecraft server administration is not always a walk in the park. Hopefully, our Council members will be able to develop more content and make moocraft a better place to play!
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