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Coupon Code for Titan

WhiteFlamesMC a posted Nov 19, 14
Use the following coupon to get $25 off the rank of Titan: TITAN
Remember, Titan has all new features that even Legends don't have!
Some features are the option to have a custom prefix, kittycannon, powertools, recipe, ptime, and more!

Upgrades and Upgrades

Soledge a posted Nov 14, 14
tl;dr: We're now running full 1.8 except a few things. The chat system is now global! Titan's price is now lower by $125! A Survival Games server has been added, /server MOOGames to try it! The vote sites now only total four so you guys can save time.

My, my, it's been a minute. 

So here's the deal, we made Moocraft better by fixing some "stuff". Although we are still improving, a few things have changed slightly.

A. We are now running (basically) on full 1.8 minus a few small details.

B. We now have a GLOBAL (as in all-server) chat system. 

C. We lowered the cost of the Titan rank by $25 so that people would buy it. We also made better some website stuffs.

D. We installed a custom-made Survival Games (Hunger Games) plugin. It's pretty awesome, so be sure to check that out.

E. I lowered the vote list back to four. Reason being: 7 sites are too many for most people to care to vote!

Titan Permissions

WhiteFlamesMC a posted Oct 9, 14
It is my pleasure to inform all of you that Titan Permissions have now been fully implemented!
Permissions are listed below.



/kit Titanx
And multiple homes!


/kit Titan
/pay *
Full access to obtain skulls of players!
Ability to edit books!
Formatting codes in messages and nicknames
And bypass to repair and heal cool down times!

TeamSpeak Server

WhiteFlamesMC a posted Oct 5, 14
MOOcraft now has its very own TeamSpeak server!
Just join this TeamSpeak server IP:

MOOcraft and Youtube

Rpjty2012 a posted Oct 4, 14
Good afternoon everyone! I'd like to inform you all that, soon, MOOcraft will host its own Youtube channel! Pretty exciting right? Well, if you're not all that excited, here's why you should be:

- MOOcraft's staff members will create videos that include gameplay of all servers.
- YOU are going to be part of the videos! (We love our community!)
- Our videos will hopefully help you all become more experienced players when it comes to raiding bases, PVP, and other fun goodies.

So, stay in tune for videos! Have a wonderful Saturday! 


- RP
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