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Coupon Code for Titan

WhiteFlamesMC a posted Nov 19, 14
Use the following coupon to get $25 off the rank of Titan: TITAN
Remember, Titan has all new features that even Legends don't have!
Some features are the option to have a custom prefix, kittycannon, powertools, recipe, ptime, and more!

Upgrades and Upgrades

Soledge a posted Nov 14, 14
tl;dr: We're now running full 1.8 except a few things. The chat system is now global! Titan's price is now lower by $125! A Survival Games server has been added, /server MOOGames to try it! The vote sites now only total four so you guys can save time.

My, my, it's been a minute. 

So here's the deal, we made Moocraft better by fixing some "stuff". Although we are still improving, a few things have changed slightly.

A. We are now running (basically) on full 1.8 minus a few small details.

B. We now have a GLOBAL (as in all-server) chat system. 

C. We lowered the cost of the Titan rank by $25 so that people would buy it. We also made better some website stuffs.

D. We installed a custom-made Survival Games (Hunger Games) plugin. It's pretty awesome, so be sure to check that out.

E. I lowered the vote list back to four. Reason being: 7 sites are too many for most people to care to vote!

Titan Permissions

WhiteFlamesMC a posted Oct 9, 14
It is my pleasure to inform all of you that Titan Permissions have now been fully implemented!
Permissions are listed below.



/kit Titanx
And multiple homes!


/kit Titan
/pay *
Full access to obtain skulls of players!
Ability to edit books!
Formatting codes in messages and nicknames
And bypass to repair and heal cool down times!

TeamSpeak Server

WhiteFlamesMC a posted Oct 5, 14
MOOcraft now has its very own TeamSpeak server!
Just join this TeamSpeak server IP:
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